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iOS 17.4: Apple Confirms U-Turn on iPhone PWAs

Progressive Web Apps to Stay on iPhone for iOS 17.4 in EU

In Apple’s recent announcement, the company has overturned the decision to remove support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on iOS 17.4 in the European Union.

This reversal has been met with a sigh of relief from many Neptune developers and users who rely on PWA technology on iOS.

What have been the key developments regarding PWAs for Apple?

Apple’s Official Statement

Initially, Apple had announced its intention to remove the functionality of PWAs in the EU, citing complex security and privacy issues associated with Web Apps to comply with the DMA.

However, in the latest update published on the official website, the company declares that it will maintain support for Progressive Web Applications in the European Union.

The decision stems from the strong demand to step back from Apple’s initial choice to discontinue support for PWAs. The news is definite: Progressive Web Apps will continue to be built on WebKit and Apple’s security architecture.

The company further states that developers and users, who were already affected by the removal of PWAs in the iOS beta version in the EU, can expect the return of the existing functionality with the release of iOS 17.4 in early March.

Open Web Advocacy’s Contribution

It is crucial to acknowledge the outstanding work carried out by Open Web Advocacy (OWA) in recent weeks. They have diligently gathered community feedback and sent an open letter to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, reaching the European Commission.

However, it’s important to note that the relationship between Apple and PWAs hasn’t changed significantly. The situation has merely reverted to the previous state before Apple’s plan to limit Web Apps in the EU. Apple’s longstanding history of favoring the App Store over the web persists, and this attempt to harm PWAs in the EU marks just the latest episode.

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