PrebiltTM is a suite of SAP Applications for mobile Supply Chain, developed on the Low-code platform Neptune Software, for companies using SAP IM/MM, SAP WM (Stock Room Management) or SAP EWM. Thanks to easy and intuitive applications, designed with the end user needs in mind, Prebilt allows data collection (Barecode, QRcode, RFID, NFC and images) and direct connection to your SAP system in real time.


Main targets

Any kind of commercial, productive, or service company that needs to digitize its Supply Chain management

Learn how to make SAP an easy-to-use tool for your Warehouse Operators, yet powerful for Logistic Managers with KPI dashboard

Thanks to an intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) any task can be carried out more quickly and simply

More benefits for your business

  • +70% reduction in stock take time+70% reduction in stock take time
  • +30% increased productivity+30% increased productivity
  • +90% reduction in training time thanks to an easy and intuitive UX/UI+90% reduction in training time thanks to an easy and intuitive UX/UI
  • +80% removal of paper+80% removal of paper
  • 25% improved efficiency25% improved efficiency
  • 80% reduction in implementation time, configuring the apps in 5 days.80% reduction in implementation time, configuring the apps in 5 days.

Why choose PreBilt

Is manual management of paper documents slowing down your company’s operational workflow?

Are your mobile RFID applications as fast as you expect them to be?

It’s time to shift to PreBilt™

PreBilt: SAP Application for Mobile Supply Chain Management

Digitize your SAP Supply Chain with PreBilt™, the out-of-the-box solution, developed by The Config Team on Neptune DX Platform and fully integrated on SAP.

PreBilt™ is configured as a suite of Responsive Mobile and multi-platform Applications, designed to digitize any Supply Chain process, from goods receipt to physical warehouse, production, quality control, plant maintenance, distribution and goods tracking. All with a Low Code methodology based on customizing.

PreBilt™ – EWM Inbound Delivery Unload & Putaway Demonstration

EWM Inbound Delivery, Unload and Putaway Demonstration

PreBilt™ for Analytics

WM and Stock Room Management for Stock Movement Demonstration

PreBilt™ – WM and Stock Room Management for Stock Movements

PreBilt for Analytics: Mobile Application for Real Time KPI’s monitoring

Remove All your paper-based documents with Prebilt:

Streamline your SAP Supply Chain processes and provide warehouse operators with an intuitive solution able to digitally

  • Approves purchase orders
  • Receives goods
  • Picks goods
  • Proof of delivery

Speed up project times with Dyna Brains Team!

PreBilt efficiently manages goods receipt, unloading, and storage operations

Integration with SAP allows these operations to be carried out accurately and synchronously, ensuring complete visibility and control of goods within the warehouse

Bin-to-Bin Movement

The Bin-to-Bin functionality of PreBilt™ enables easy movement of goods from one location to another within the warehouse, optimizing inventory management and improving the efficiency of storage operations

Inventory management with Prebilt

Discover how to improve the Inventory management with the user-friendly features of prebilt:

  • Integration with Voice Control: PreBilt integrates with wearable devices, allowing warehouse operators to work in a hands-free mode. The compatibility with voice devices in warehouses facilitates smoother interactions and boosts efficiency through voice-driven automation.
  • Images Capture: An innovative feature of PreBilt™ is the ability to take photos during warehouse operations. These images can be used as evidence, for example, in the case of returns or when an incoming shipment fails. Visual documentation provides tangible support for the management of goods and simplifies the resolution of any disputes or claims.
  • App Customization: PreBilt™ offers the flexibility to customize the application according to the specific needs of the warehouse. This customization capability allows for the adaptation of the interface and functionalities based on unique operational processes, ensuring a tailored system for the specific needs of the warehouse

Neptune presents Prebilt

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