Internal and external logistics

No more issues with Traceability and Shipments. Optimize internal and external logistic with Dyna Brains’ Solutions.

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Dyna Brains provides the best Digital Solutions for goods traceability, already adopted by Multinational Companies, for either Inbound and Outbound Logistics that optimize and tracks Goods shipment processes.

Streamline the following process with Dyna Brains’ Solutions for Shipping logistic:

  • Carrier rate shopping
  • Shipping Reservation
  • Good Tracking
  • Automatic ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, LN Infor, Oracle) updating with shipping data (transportation costs, shipping invoices)

Main targets

Productive and commercial companies.

More benefits for your business

  • Continuous monitoring of each delivery progress, with a quick and easy details’ visualization. No needs to enter every single SAP delivery document

  • Automatic update of weight and volume information directly into article master data, right after the good receipt process

  • Load Optimization and transport cost reduction by identifying the most cost-effective carrier routing

  • A single platform, fully integrated with your ERP, that automates the selection of the best carrier, goods collection booking, shipment tracking, address validation and invoices uploading

Load optimization solution

  • Automatic weighing and volume detection systems, integrated with SAP, that acquire and/or update data directly into article master data. The right application for companies that need a robust and reliable system for acquiring any kind of weights and measures
  • Loading optimization for boxes, pallets, containers, or bulk materials. Maximize space and reduce transportation costs through a powerful calculation engine which allow your company to mange transportations with more efficiency. 
  • Dyna Delivery Monitor

  • Dyna Wheighing

  • Ortec

  • ProcessWeaver

  • Neptune Software

Customer Case
  • Mikron - Dyna Delivery Monitor, Dyna Wheighing, ProcessWeaver

  • Motovario - Dyna Delivery Monitor, Neptune Software

  • Whirlpool - ProcessWeaver, Neptune Software

  • Kering Eyewear - ProcessWeaver

  • Dieci - ProcessWeaver

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Artificial Intelligence

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Global Trade Compliance

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Labelling solution

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Sale Force On The Go

UX/UI Design Thinking

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Traceability and Anticounterfeiting

Tackle the threat of counterfeit-goods with Dyna Brains’ Solutions for antifraud & anticounterfeiting tracking. We protect Made-in Italy by tracking good and row materials