Global Trade Compliance

Manage your freights exchange in compliance with the international rules. Lower any risk of incurring transfer pricing penalties and stay competitive. Discover our solutions for export trade management and import trade management.

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Main targets

Productive and commercial enterprises with import/export trade activities

More benefits for your business

  • No more risks of administrative and criminal sanctions due to Supplier Origin Declaration (LTD/ STD) non- compliant with EU regulations

  • Time reduction in Request, collection, monitoring and storage of Short-Term Declaration and Long-Term Declaration

  • Automatic generation of pre-filled certificates to be signed digitally and sent to the suppliers

  • Certificates Automatic Upload on the portal and direct update of the connected ERP

  • Easing on custom duties thanks to a correct Determination of Preferential Origin

  • A better Supply Chain visibility

A competitive solutions for a global scenario

A Good’s Preferential Origins Declaration enables the reduction of custom duties when it comes to international trade between countries who have signed the relevant arrangement. These arrangements grant a “preferential treatment” when trading specific products which are recognized as “originating products”

The identification of Non-Preferential Origin (Made-In) is a fundamental process that allows a correct application of European Community Custom Tariff. With “Non-Preferential Origin” we refer to the detection of good’s production place or where the products has undergone under a substantial transformation or final processing.

The determination of Good’s Preferential Origin and Made In, requires the management of huge number of Processes and Data, like emails and spreadsheet that, if managed manually are more time consuming and could lead to a lack of accuracy.

In todays’ economic global scenario, where the boost to globalization is constantly increasing – in order to avoid any administrative and criminal sanction and keep a competitive advantage – a complete compliance to the always changing EU regulation related to Import/export is fundamental.

Free your purchase and administrative department from the management of supplier declaration and provide a concrete support on Preferential Origin determination. Digitize and centralize the process of request, collection, monitoring and storage of Short-Term Declaration and Long-Term Declaration within one application integrated with SAP.

Thanks to a strong experience in international trade management, Dyna Brains provides consulting and integrated Solutions with SAP Trade Compliance modules (FT-GOV / SAP GTS) for the determination and management of the Good’s Preferential Origins, through SAP Fiori and Neptune Software Technologies. With Next Value, the Supplier Portal developed by Dyna Brains on Neptune Software, suppliers will be finally able to download Pre-filled LTD / STD certificates and to sign them electronically.

Try our solutions for import and export trade management.

Thanks to a direct connection between the NextValue portal and SAP – once automatically uploaded, those certificates will be visible into the ERP System as well.

  • Neptune Software

  • Namirial


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