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DIGITAL DOCUMETN STORAGE: How Mikron Tool digitized paperless logistic processes on SAP

 A suite of SAP Fiori applications, also available on Neptune Software, to storage, dematerialize and research documents with a direct integration with SAP DMS

Mikron Tool, a Mikron Group company, in collaboration with Dyna Brains, has digitally transformed and automated document archiving processes through the development of simple and intuitive Mobile Applications, enabling rapid consultation fully integrated on SAP.

«Since we have several locations spread across Switzerland, Germany, China and the U.S. we needed to find a simple model that could be applied quickly to all countries.»


  • 50 SAP Users/ 4 legal Entities
  • 200K documents created in 8 months
  • 6 Business Flows involved (purchasing, warehouse, production, quality, sales, accounting
  • 3 months of project


Reduce paper consumption, storage and research documents easily and quickly.

Printing and storing every single paper documents has lead Mikron Tool, over the years, to occupy entire offices with thousands of documents printed and stored in folders.

The continuous paper consumption and the difficulty in searching and getting access to documents, triggered the need for change.

The real challenge for Mikron Tool was to solve all these critical issues by defining a new paperless document management and archiving model that would also allow digital signing of documents through integration with a Certification Authority, guaranteeing their legal value.

Mikron Tool needed an easy way to reduce paper consumption, reduce unnecessarily occupied space, facilitate and optimize document search by implementing a new archiving process.

The real challenge for Mikron Tool was solving the many critical process issues by defining a new “Paperless” document management and archiving model


Develop a suite of applications for automatic document storage and management 

Working Side by side with Dyna Brains Team, Mikron Tool has redefine the storage process of document flows from sales, production and purchasing processes. As a first the team has defined the document’s source of origin and then associated it with the right type of archiving. The Document Management is carried out by SAP DMS (Document Management System) and GOS (Generic Objective Services)

The Suite includes the following SAP Applications:

  • Automatic archiving of printed documents related to deliveries and invoices
  • Automatic archiving of e-mails 
  • Archiving of OCR scans
  • SAP Fiori application for capturing attachments in drag and drop file format for creating document inforecords and to be assigned to SAP transactional documents (Sales, Production, Purchasing)
  • SAP Firoi Application for printing barcode labels for OCR scanning procedure
  • SAP Fiori Search Engine application for visualizing massive document printing and doc renaming

Thanks to Drag & Drop and Search Engine Fiori Applications, the research and document storage is easy a quick, nothing like manually looking for document in folders stored inside a warehouse


Flexible solution for Digital Storage and Smart document consultation.

Flexibility and scalability have been the key to success of Dyna Paperless Solution, thanks to a combination of easy and intuitive applications.

«Few days before the Go-live, we have rolled-out the solution to other company sites, since the final users were experimenting a lot of benefits on the daily use of the applications».

The full integration with SAP ERP System, ensures the scalability and real-time availability of digitally stored documents which can be consulted from any kind of device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), thanks to a responsive User Interface (drawing on SAP UI5 libraries), for an intuitive User Experience.

«The ability to securely access documents at any time even from smartphones and tablets through modern interface is an important starting point toward an increasingly».