Zebra supplies software and hardware, like printers, handheld barecode readers and wearable devices  that allows to digitize and optimize  logistic operations,  automate production activities, speed up warehouse management, transportation and more.


Main targets

Manufacturing and commercial companies that needs to increase operational visibility and efficiency

Zebra Hardware for Company Warehouse Management

Discover Zebra's innovative data capture and identification solutions

More benefits for your business

  • Solid and sturdy devices for warehouse management optimizationSolid and sturdy devices for warehouse management optimization
  • Long-lasting device under any conditionLong-lasting device under any condition
  • Integration with any Management and Application SystemIntegration with any Management and Application System
  • Scalable and versatile devicesScalable and versatile devices
  • Wide range of solutions for any needWide range of solutions for any need

Discover Zebra devices

Zebra devices include a wide range of products designed to improve operational efficiency in various industries, including logistics, retail, manufacturing, warehouse management, and many others. Key products offered by Zebra include OEM Technologies, Enhanced Mobile Devices, and Barcode, RFD and Card Printers.

Provide your employees with the appropriate tools

Using Zebra technologies, your teams will be able to maximize the efficiency of every moment, leveraging up-to-date information to make strategic choices beneficial to the enterprise. Zebra solutions are also designed to integrate seamlessly within an environment of connected platforms, which not only interact effectively with each other but are also designed to adapt and respond to your future needs.

Transform your Supply Chain with Zebra

In the management of any warehouse, having reliable connectivity and a clear view of resources, staff, and processes is crucial to achieve an integrated, efficient, and profitable supply chain. Zebra’s technologies for mobile computing, scanning, and printing unify the various operational functions of the warehouse, promoting a work flexibility that can radically transform your business.

Zebra Printers

Zebra offers compact and intuitive Desktop printers, suitable for a wide range of uses. These printers, ideal for medium to low workloads, combine durability and affordability without compromising on quality. Available in various price ranges, they ensure quality and efficiency at affordable prices. Whether it’s printing barcode labels, receipts, wristbands, or RFID tags, Zebra has the ideal Desktop printer for every need.

Handheld RFID Readers

Access to corporate resources and data is possible wherever you are, at any time. Whether you are in warehouses, on loading and unloading areas, in direct contact with customers, or in offices, Zebra’s handheld and fixed RFID devices ensure complete visibility of your assets. Thanks to their robustness, designed to withstand the most demanding work environments, these tools not only facilitate supply chain management but also help to improve your team’s productivity

Productivity on the Go

Zebra’s wearable devices, specifically built for business needs, range from Android™-based wearable computers to various types of ring scanners, offering your front-line operators an high level of performance. Take advatage of built-in intelligence features and unparalleled scanning capabilities to enhance your workers’ efficiency. Thanks to innovative features, the range of wearables facilitates greater operability, transforming complexity into more productive work management.