Software for Warehouse Logistic Optimization

ORTEC is a software for warehouse logistic management and for warehouse logistic optimization, based on advanced mathematical calculation models, that allows to optimize box packing, pallet picking/building, truck and container loading and routes directly on SAP workflow. ORTEC solutions are integrated directly in SAP and SAP S/4 HANA.

ORTEC is SAP certified Solution.

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Main targets

Manufacturing and trading companies that want to enhance their sales and logistics planning, as well as optimize their logistics activities

More benefits for your business

  • Reduction in planning time

  • 15% reduction in shipment costs

  • Improved efficiency of activities

  • Standardization of sales and logistics planning, pallet building and truck loading

  • The best customer service and service level compliance

  • Reduction of environmental impact

  • Improved safety and compliance with legal transportation regulations (axle load restrictions for truck

  • Loading Optimization (container, camion)

  • Identification of the most effective routes and identification of the best load balancing to reduce transportation costs

ORTEC: the E2E solution for the manufacturing and transportation industry

Enable a cost-effective and sustainable logistic process by offering an integrated solution for Packing, Loading and Distribution

that combines state of the art route planning with optimization of order sizes, palletization and space utilization.

3D Load Optimization

Load orders safely in the available fleet, with minimal shipment costs. Deliver feasible and reliable plans that maximize utilization, satisfy safety measurements, and a large set of operational constraints.

Executable load schedules that minimize operational cost, errors, damaged goods and support sustainability goals, lowering CO2 emissions.

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is an advanced planning solution for vehicle planning, scheduling and dispatch.

Offered as SaaS, with several specialized Web Applications, ORTEC Routing and Dispatch supports role-based access control and enables a real-time monitoring of any data or planning information across business units.

What is ORTEC Routing and Dispatch?

  • Handle different logistics requirements on a single platform
  • Embedded optimization techniques with multiple options for decision support for pick-up and delivery.
  • Flexible driver and resource planning (truck, trailer), taking into account resource status and ETA, locations, and orders.
  • Combine batch planning optimization with real-time dispatch and execution in a single plan
  • Data analytics platform to gather, organize and learn from past decisions, to either report on performance or provide feedback as a learning loop
  • Integration options with SAP and other ERP systems for an optimized information sharing with drivers and carriers using mobile apps and collaboration portals
  • Centralized and scalable architecture that supports both mid-sized and large distribution companies
  • Real-time event management with alerts for restriction violations, issue/event messages, and KPI monitoring
  • Multi-user, multi-environment, real-time planning and dispatch system that runs 24/7

Why you should use ORTEC Routing and Dispatch?

  • Horizontal collaboration increases, as business units distribute orders among resources
  • Centralized planning improves the load factor, reduces the number of empty miles, and decreases the number of vehicles on the road, lowering CO2 emissions
  • Transport costs decrease as a result of reduced distances, reduced driving time, and increased vehicle utilization
  • Less time required to plan and dispatch
  • More transparent route planning and vehicle costs
  • Reduced and more structured communication flows with drivers and fixed carriers
  • Greater capability to meet changes and short-term requests (e.g., rush orders)
  • Results overview in graphical and tabular form
  • Improved customer service with the automatic inclusion of restrictions, such as store delivery slots
  • Strong ROI cases and references from the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Save costs with centralized deployment. Maintain just one application with a single interface between your SAP system and in-vehicle devices
  • Regular updates ensure you are always running the latest, innovative business features and optimizers

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