Hr In Time

HR In Time is a suite of 5 mobile applications designed by Dyna Brains to streamline and simplify timesheet management, input of Production hours and quantities, and timekeeping during business travel.

Developed leveraging the Neptune SAP Edition platform, HR In Time provides an intuitive user experience and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to Managers, White collars and Blue collars on business trips.

The suite, fully integrated with standard SAP Timesheet and production confirmation flows, also works offline.

Hr In Time

Main targets

Companies that need to digitize the processes for managing the Transfer Timesheet and Production Hours.

Turn Your Time into Value with HR In Time.

Simplify Time Management, Maximize Productivity with the innovative Application Suite developed by Dyna Brains.

More benefits for your business

  • Fully Integrated with SAP, no needs of interface or external DatabaseFully Integrated with SAP, no needs of interface or external Database
  • Progressive Web App, responsive, available on any deviceProgressive Web App, responsive, available on any device
  • Offline ModeOffline Mode
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are easy and intuitiveUser Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are easy and intuitive
  • User-Centered Design (UCD): Errors can be managed autonomously without involving the IT teamUser-Centered Design (UCD): Errors can be managed autonomously without involving the IT team

Empower your resources with an intuitive tool for production Timesheet management.

Recording Work Hours Made Easy: the application suite allows you to log work hours across various cost elements in SAP, including WBS, Cost Centre, Cost Elements, CO Internal Orders, and Production Orders.

Viewing Incorrect Confirmation Hours: our developed tools enable the identification and display of confirmation hours that contain errors.

Production Confirmation Recording: the applications enable detailed storage of production confirmations (including hours and quantities) related to active Production Order operations.

HR In Time Description 

  • Developed on Neptune SAP Edition
  • 5-Applications Suite
  • Offline mode
  • Device Responsive: available on Desktop, Laptop or mobile, both IOS and Android
  • Fully integrated with standard SAP Timesheet and Production Confirmation flows


HR In Time was born out of the need to revolutionise time management in every company department. From time recording to time management, both on site and on business trip, HR in Time simplifies every aspect of time tracking, ensuring efficient production and project management.

While keeping the client’s business processes unchanged, HR In Time allows you to use a smart tool to collect and monitor travel hours and costs. With our suite, you can also input project hours during business trips.

Pain Points for those NOT using HR In Time

  • Lack of Project Segregation by User Cost Center
  • High Error Percentage
  • Single IT Team Member Managing All Errors
  • No Error Prevention Filters
  • Inadequate Data Security
  • Only in Web applications
  • Non-responsive Design
  • Lack of Offline mode
  • Outdated UI and Non-Intuitive UX

HR In Time: Manage your Time and Boost your Efficiency with just one click

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