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API: Application Programming Interfaces

Motori API per integrazioni tra sistemi diversi

API Integration with Neptune DXP Platform

There is an increased interest in finding simple solutions in a world that relies more and more on software. Solutions that mobilize and, above all, are digital, so that employees of any generation can operate them on desktop, tablet, or smartphone – no matter where or how.

Especially where interfaces between systems tend to bring conflict potential, simple and fast solutions are needed to keep up with digital growth.This is the scenario where APIs (application programming interfaces) come into the picture as booster for the enterprises Digital Transformation journey. 

In other words, APIs enable different systems to communicate with each other quickly and seamlessly.


The multitude of existing applications, programs, and software generates an increasing need in interface management. Even though many services are programmed to be compatible, the connection still needs to be created.

APIs create opportunities to optimize collaboration with partners and jointly develop new generations of applications that provide users with more services and choices. One of the unique benefits of APIs is that they bring fragmented system landscapes under one umbrella – whether SAP systems or connections to CRMs such as Salesforce or Microsoft Azure.


Low coding is a development method that greatly streamlines the creation of new digital applications. IT departments of companies using SAP can build any SAP Fiori app by creating APIs. With Low-code development, modern Restful API Layers can be built on top of existing Business Layers, enabling companies to maintain investments already made in digital transition.

Restful APIs represent the most widely used protocol. With an SAP-centric development platform located within the SAP architecture, IT departments can create ABAP-based REST microservices and automate the creation of REST APIs or other SAP artifacts. APIs also allow investments made in SAP to be maintained by making code extensions and application customizations available through SAPUI5 applications.


Thanks to Low Code development platforms such as Neptune DXP, integrating API services into medium and large SAP systems is a quick and easy process. The added value given by using the Neptune DXP platform is the cooperation of the two modules: Neptune SAP Edition and Neptune Open Edition (able to run on any server and connect to any ERP).

Neptune SAP Edition module acts as a general connector between the SAP Backend and any other system within the IT infrastructure, playing the role of an “API Factory”. 

Neptune Open Edition module, on the other hand, provides a portal/launchpad across the entire IT landscape. Open Edition’s standard interfaces also provide the ability to create controlled access to defined areas of your own system, such as Supplier Area or Business Partner Area, in order to foster interconnection within the entire enterprise ecosystem.


In conclusion, using Low-code and No-code platforms as API engine can easily transform IT departments into real “App Factories” that enable enterprises to promote and increase their digital innovation Journey.