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How whirlpool Emea powered sales force using offline tools with Neptune Software

Learn how Whirlpool EMEA partnered with Dyna Brains and Neptune Software empowered the sales force team through the deployment of an offline easy-to-use web application for the complete control and governance of the sales quotation and order acquisition. Pricing simulations with what-if analysis are totally under control.

«Neptune Software represents an easy way to leverage the power of SAP with modern user interfaces and mobility»


Full governance of sales offering to market

The market challenge for electronic domestic appliance runs on pricing leverage and strategies. Whirlpool’s management is conscious that a the deployment and the adoption of a strategic commercial policy is the base for the complete governance of the CPQ processes to guarantee a valuable deal to the customers and to the market.

For Whirlpool’s trade marketing department the challenge was to find a solution that can provide a complete and integrated governance of pricing simulation, sales quotation and sales order intake on SAP, having a easy-to- use web user interface with a modern and coherent look and feel with Whirlpool’s brand identity that can subsitute the current excel based application.


Fare quotazioni e simulare ordini di vendita attraverso l’analisi “what-if”Acquire quotes and orders using a what-if pricing simulation

Working togheter with Dyna Brains, Whirlpool EMEA discovered a reliable and innovative partner to face up the challenge of having a fully digitalized offline application for the sales force.

The approach was starting with a design thinking phase where the frontend UX was designed in Neptune within the backend application logics on SAP.

Based on the stakeholders’ requirements, Ugo enlisted developers skilled in using and building apps with the Neptune DX Platform through Dyna Brains Competence and Software Delivery Center in North Macedonia.

To ensure a full integrated pricing engine on Neptune application, Dyna Brains designed a customer/sku pricing data lake engine that transfer to the Neptune app all pricing waterfall combinations in complete compliance with Whirlpool’s commercial policy.


From Excel to Neptune Easy Order

One of the key success of the project has been the scalable and big flexible solution of using a great combination of application featues of Neptune Planet 8 and SAP to develop a solid and low maintenance application structure.

The goal of having a fully customizable web application that can be driven completely by SAP, gave to Whirlpool GIS department the chance to centrally drive the application evolution and maitnenance reducing TCO and CAPEX.