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Neptune Software announces the partnership with Ionic: a new frontier for mobile apps development.

Oslo, Norway, October 12, 2021 — Max Lynch CEO and CO Founder of Ionic, announced the beginning of a new partnership with one of the main players in the low-coding market:  Neptune Software.

The Neptune DXP Platform allows API driven apps development, integrated with SAP and any other ERP.

This new partnership will allow Neptune Software’s customers to build mobile, desktop, and web applications that are powered by Capacitor, a leading cross-platform mobile solution built and maintained by Ionic.

La nuova frontiera del mercato del Low-Coding

The announcement of this partnership highlights Capacitor’s rapid and intense growth path. Developed in 2018 with the intent to create an alternative solution to Cordova that would allow a step forward in problem solving and open its users to new opportunities such as: support in the development of Progressive Web Apps and direct access to native API engines, without the need to resort to unnecessary abstraction layers.

Although Ionic continues to support Cordova, creating its own Solution from scratch was essential to take advantage of the benefits brought by innovative tools, such as API engines, which were not yet available when Cordova was created.


The results have been extraordinary: in just a few months Capacitor has grown from a few hundred to 650,000 downloads per month. Capacitor’s thriving community offers its users an ever-expanding library of plugins and integrations. In addition, the platform holds the top spot in the rankings compiled by the “Latest State of JS Survey” as the best mobile development tool in terms of user satisfaction, surpassing React Native, Traditional native, Cordova, and many others.

A bright future lies ahead for the low-coding market, a sector that has been growing strongly in recent years. Neptune is a leader in the space, and we expect other low code platforms will follow suit and standardize on Capacitor as the way forward.

Ugo Romano-CEO Dyna Brains