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In the world of high-performance manufacturing, managing time accurately is crucial to maintaining competitiveness and ensuring operational efficiency. Mikron Group AG, a leader in the production of complex and precise components, tackled this challenge with the help of Dyna Brains and the innovative suite of HR In Time applications developed on the Neptune Software platform.

Simplify Time Management and Maximize Productivity with the innovative Suite of Applications integrated with SAP


Empowering Human Resources with an intuitive tool for managing Production Timesheets.

Before implementing HR In Time, Mikron Group AG faced significant challenges in time and resource management. Manual compilation of timesheets and recording work hours for travel were laborious processes prone to errors, compromising the overall accuracy and efficiency of the company.


HR In Time stems from a thorough analysis of the pain points that Mikron users encountered in the previous system.

In collaboration with Neptune Software, Dyna Brains developed a tailored solution for the specific needs of Mikron Group AG: the HR In Time suite. This suite of applications integrated with SAP has revolutionized timesheet management, allowing for easy input of production hours and accurate logging of working hours for business trips. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features have made the time management process quick, efficient, and error-free.


HR In Time is an advanced solution for Time and Resource management.

The implementation of HR In Time has led to a series of positive outcomes for Mikron Group AG. The precision and accuracy of the collected data have enhanced visibility and control over time and company resources, enabling more efficient planning and better resource allocation. Furthermore, the simplification of processes has freed up valuable time for employees, allowing them to focus more on strategic and value-added activities.

HR In Time - App Suite for Time Management