NeXT Value

Software for Company Data Exchange

NeXT Value is a portal for Customer and Supplier integration, developed by Dyna Brains and based on Neptune Software platform. It's a perfect software for company data storage and data exchange. Through the use of a single tool, you will be able to exchange, manage, validate, control and archive any document and business transaction.

Main targets

Manufacturing and trading companies that need a seamless and optimized integration and sharing of information and data with customers and Suppliers

More benefits for your business

  • Easy and quick data exchange process with high standard security

  • Trade Compliance Management (Origin of Goods, Long Term Declaration, Short Term Declaration, EUR1; ATR; Dual Use, Customs Documents)

  • Pricelist exchange

  • Sharing terms of delivery and shipments of goods

  • Supplier Document Management

  • Integrated management of Purchase Orders, confirmations and goods supply calendar

  • Tracking of inbound and outbound shipments

  • Shared Customer/Supplier labeling

  • Integrated sub-supplier control management

  • Quality control and returns management