Dyna Pricing Simulator

Software for Company Pricing Simulator

The software for company Dyna Pricing Simulator is a software for company pricing calculator, developed by Dyna Brains. Empower your sales force team with an offline easy – to- use web application for the complete control and governance of sales quotation and order acquisition.

Take under control Pricing Simulation with what-if analysis with Dyna Pricing simulator

Main targets

Productive and commercial companies in need for a scalable and reliable mobile tool for Sales quotation management

More benefits for your business

  • What-if pricing simulation

  • Offline availability with data integration on SAP

  • Versatility and configurability of the pricing grid (manual and/or automatic price lists, discounts and markups, verification of applicable discount limits)

  • Full control of sales margins

  • Highly configurable product through SAP customizing