Software for Industry Processes Monitoring

Dyna-IoT 4.0. developed on the Low-Code Development platform Neptune DXP, is the most innovative solution for Industry 4.0 transition Project. Dyna IoT 4.0 is a comprehensive, customized software for production processes monitoring. It is composed by integrated production equipment that can be connected with your manufacturing machines and devices on the edge (PLC and sensors) through RS232, RS485, GPIO, analogical & digital interfaces, with communication PLC (Neptune DXP Open Edition Edge Edition), connected to a cloud database "Neptune DXP Open Edition Platform" or directly to SAP using embedded APIs of Neptune DXP Planet 8, creating the perfect landscape for developing Innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

Main targets

Productive companies that need a software for production process monitoring

More benefits for your business

  • Costs and implementation time reduction

  • Production and control management and industrial plant maintenance in a predictive and real-time mode

  • Intelligent Enterprise

Connect production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain.

Unlock the full value of your Industry with Dyna-IoT4.0, the 24/7 production monitoring on the edge

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Dyna-IoT e l’Industria 4.0

Manufacturing companies are facing a huge challenge in their markets against competitors, through investment in innovation and digitalization for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions

Failure to adapt the changes brought by the digital transformation will cause them to lag behind and lose their competitive edge. 

So how to follow up the fourth industrial revolution? 

Dyna Brains, in collaboration with Neptune Software, developed Dyna-IoT4.0 software for industry processes monitoring, a solution based on DXP with special Planet 9 Edge edition for PLC.

Top 5 Challenges of Industry 4.0 

Connectivity – Keeping devices, infrastructure, cloud and applications, connected to the network is a top IoT challenge, because wireless connectivity is highly complex, and IoT devices are expected to work reliably without fail even in the toughest environments. 

Continuity – Enabling a seamless flow of information to and from devices and infrastructure to SAP systems can be critical in case of systems are not live. 

Compliance – IoT Devices and systems are subject to Quality Certifications for Industrial Use. 

Coexistence – An industrial device that loses the control signal, can have dire consequences. Coexistence testing is therefore crucial, to measure the reliability of the operating environment. 

Cybersecurity – Most traditional cybersecurity protection tools have focused on network and cloud. IoT vulnerabilities and potential point of entries into endpoint devices should be identified, and SW & HW infrastructure should be tested using a regularly updated database of known threats/attacks to monitor device response and detect anomalies 

Continuity and Security are the main goals of Dyna-IoT4.0 approach 

Dyna Brains developed Dyna-IoT4.0 to provide the best reliable architecture for industry 4.0, ensuring integration of production machineries with SAP using Neptune DXP Edge edition on Raspberry based Industrial PLCs. 

Dyna-IoT4.0 architecture bring the possibility to control and monitor production phases and activities even if SAP is not live, to face up the challenges of having a fully digitalized offline application for your MES. 

Dyna-IoT4.0 ensure the adequate level of cybersecurity through the API connection with the possibility to be enhanced with transaction certification using Ethereum blockchain. 

From the binary data to SAP using Neptune Software technology 

The key to success of Dyna-IoT4.0 is the scalable and big flexible solution of using a great combination of application features of SAP, Neptune SAP Edition and Neptune Open Edition on Edge to develop a solid and innovative digital infrastructure for IoT of any industry sector.

The goal of having fully integrated Industry 4.0 web applications that can be driven completely by SAP, it brings the chance to centrally drive and control all the manufacturing processes with the right flexibility and reducing TCO.